Who You Gonna Call? Ghosting Season

Ghosting Season are worriedaboutsatan. Well, more accurately Ghosting Season are Gavin Miller and Thomas Ragsdale, the Leeds duo that make up worriedaboutsatan with all the music that wouldn’t comfortably sit under their old moniker.

Simultaneously more ominous and more energetic than their last band could ever be, Ghosting Season are like worriedaboutsatan’s younger, more care-free brother, whose more into partying than making beardy music for people who read The Wire way too much. This new approach has seen them winning many new friends, as can be seen from the reception they got playing alongside Apparat at The Scala last month.

As the day we arranged to do this interview was also the night of the riots, I called from my barricaded flat in North London and spoke to the duo in battle-torn Manchester. It was surreal.

Hello guys, things are going pretty well for you. I reckon I downloaded your new EP before the track had finished on the radio – it was that great. 

Cheers, it is pretty exciting.

Is Ghosting Season getting bigger than you expected? I’ve seen loads of blogs bigging you up, and you’ve been getting play on 6music. Is the Ghosting Season name an opportunity to try new things? 

Not bigger necessarily, but it is a very positive reaction. We found we had a new, different sound, and we thought we’d see how it goes; worriedaboutsatan is on hold, not over. We just felt that this was a fundamentally different sound to the extent that it was more than just new worriedaboutsatan tracks.

It is actually very weird to have people asking after worriedaboutsatan as if we were a massive band, but it feels great that people are into what we’re doing now as well as what we did before.

I can hear a lot of minimal techno in there, ambient too, and on ‘Exercise Us’ even some stirring classical strings. 

Ha, we’re trying to play down the Vaughan Williams influences!

I don’t think he would have put such a propulsive beat underneath an arrangement like that. 

Yeah, we wanted to make something that you could enjoy at home, really listen to, but would work in a different way live. We listened to a lot of Moderat, and we fancied something a bit more housey, not in a four-to-the-floor kind of way, but something a little bit more energetic, whilst still keeping the atmosphere.

There are very few nine-minute long epic soundscapes that you can still move your feet to! Speaking of Moderat, you played alongside Apparat recently. Pretty big gig for a ‘new’ duo.

We’d just been in touch with him a bit, said we were big fans, he casually says “would like to support me in London, in July?” We said yeah, didn’t hear anything for a while, didn’t necessarily expect to, then he gets in touch and it actually happens!

It was another great experience, we genuinely thought a few people who had turned up early would pop in and see us while grabbing a beer, but there were about 1,000 people there to see us – it was amazing!

Any more London dates? 

We’re playing The Old Blue Last on 13th August and then back 18th September to play The Lock Tavern. We love playing live. A lot of electronic acts claim they don’t like it, but it is probably our favourite thing, so if we can get out and do it we will.

Another really exciting thing is that we’ve got an album sorted, mixed and mastered, so we’re looking to find the right label and see about getting it out there. Previously we’ve done short runs, self-releases, which have been great but this is something else…

Ghosting Season’s Far End of the Graveyard EP is available to download now from www.ghostingseason.co.uk

This post originally appeared on Spoonfed on 12 August 2011


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