Sun Glitters on Chillwave…

Sun Glitters

Until recently all I knew about Luxembourg was that: it is the last remaining sovereign grand duchy in the world; it is trilingual (German, French and Luxembourgish); and my parents are currently there holidaying in their campervan.

Hearing Sun Glitters’ beguiling sound made all of these irrelevant, Luxembourg can now proudly claim to be home to one of the best in a new wave of musicians making genre-defying music that is at once compelling and wistfully nostalgic. I caught up with Victor Ferriera (aka Sun Glitters) to chat about ahead of his set on Saturday at the Binnacle MicroFestival.

You’re from Luxembourg, is their a burgeoning electronic scene out there? Or are you a denizen of the internet?

There are several great artists from the Luxemburg electronic scene and I’m lucky enough to have had the chance of being discovered outside the country!

Does the kind of interconnectedness that the internet allows impact on the music you make? Does it make the music scene truly global?

It allows to me promote my music to the a large number of people very quickly. It also allows me to connect with other artists who are making interesting music, and opens up for chances to collaborate with them.

Are you familiar with the other acts playing at Binnacle? Or have you heard their work on the online?

I discovered them all online, I’m in contact with some of them. I have collaborated with some of them and that makes the festival more interesting! I’m really loking forward to meeting them at the Binnacle!

Where do you see yourself fitting in to the ever expanding wave of new electronic musicians that are emerging?

I just hope to gain more and more recognition, so I might have the chance to live from making music one day.

You’re music has been labelled as all srts of things, including ‘chillwave’ (whatever that is). Do ‘genres’ even exist anymore?

I think so, yes – genre descriptions have helped promote Sun Glitters via pages like Bandcamp or Soundcloud, for example.

The only problem is that you can often hear several genres in one artist’s music, that makes it more difficult to categorise within one genre!

That’s why I often say that Sun Glitters makes “Shoefazing Wonkyplops”

Who are you most looking forward to seeing at Binnacle?

Everybody! All I hope is that I meet great people there, who like to have a good time.

You’re quite an accomplished photographer. Do you take photos to complement your music, or vise versa?

Accomplished?! Oh thanks, that’s a nice compliment. I’m not a real photographer, I really am amateur in that area. I love to make photos and, yes, most of time it’s really to complement my music.

Your sound and your photography share a similar sun drenched, nostalgic and wistful feel. Are they separate passions that draw from the same inspirations?

Yes! You are right. This is what happens in a Portuguese guy’s mind living when he lives in Luxembourg.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

For the moment I’m really enjoying a whole bunch of artists! I’ll be playing with most of them on Saturday at Binnacle.

I still listening to Holy Other, Teen Daze, Giraffage, Slow Magic and many many more my iPod is like a infinite mixtape, it is changing practically everyday!

Sun Glitters will be playing London on Saturday 15October at the Binnacle MicroFesstival at the Old Blue Last. You can buy his lovely records here.

This post originally appeared on The What Where When on 13 October 2011.


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