Gonjasufi – MU.ZZ.LE

Gonjasufi - MU.ZZ.LE

When Anthony the Great went in search of spiritual clarity in the barrenness of the Nitrian Desert he inspired so many others to follow him that the sands became “like a city.” Sumach Ecks found himself on a similar journey: moving to Nevada, winding up in an altogether different city in the desert, Las Vegas. The deeply religious yoga teacher found himself living in the City of Sin. This quest for an ascetic spiritualism, the reality of Las Vegas, encapsulates the turmoil within Gonjasufi, and the sound of MU.ZZ.LE – an enticing, at times uncomfortable and intoxicating record.

Though it lasts only 25 minutes MU.ZZ.LE seems to exist achronologically, outside of time. The effect is that of being dragged into the dusty Memory Palace of a man at war with himself, uneasy and fragile. Time dilates, and stretches as Ecks rails against the devil, God, society, the greedy and ultimately his own failings. Continue reading at The Quietus…

This post originally appeared on The Quietus on 03 February 2012


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