Keith Moon x John Bonham = Animal – An interview with Anna from Metronomy


I battled phone issues, Skype’s passive aggressive feedback form and a ticking clock to jump on the press carousel with Anna [Prior] the lovely drummer from Metronomy. She was very patient and didn’t get anywhere near as flustered as I did.

[Down a crackly tempremental Skype link] Hello Anna, you’re on the press carousel today then?

We’ve got a few interviews lined up, but it is exciting to get to talk about Metronomy.

Well thanks for taking the time to chat with me, especially given that technology hates me…

It is my pleasure.

So in the next few days your heading off on NME Awards Tour, that must be bloody exciting?

I cannot wait actually, we only got back in the beginning of January. We’ve had a little time off, but two weeks feels like a long time when you don’t have anything to do. It’ll be good to get back behind the drums.

My Christmas break felt like a month long booze-y and mince pie binge. Who are you excited about of the others on the lineup?

Haha! Well, we were really lucky and had Azaelia Banks support us in Paris last year, she is great, so it’ll be nice to see her again.

Obviously we know the others names… but we don’t know them personally. We’ve met Two Door Cinema Club, they were nice but this kind of thing is a good chance to build a sense of camaraderie…

May be a beautiful friendship could bloom..?

Ha, that’d be lovely. We’ve not moved around in a group like that. Maybe there’ll be some kind of hatred that’ll fester between us though…

I love a rock’n’roll feud! Obviously the English Riviera has been a massive success, it was very well received, then you got a  Mercury nomination and now the NME tour too…

It was incredible, no one expected it, we were gobsmacked. We’d been told we were nominated, then buggered off back on tour. People kept on asking us what it was like, but we honestly didn’t have much time to think about it, we were so busy. The day before the awards ceremony we’d just arrived back having finished our tour of South America, so we were jetlagged.


We had a wonderful time, food and drink during and I was lucky enough to get my make-up and wardrobe sorted.

Exactly what you need transatlantic jetlag.


I put money on you guys winning (literally)… so next time when you win it I might have to ask you to pay me back…

Haha, sorry we didn’t win! It wasn’t much I hope?!

It was only a tenner, don’t worry.

I think my dad put on a tenner too…

Well that is support then, does that mean he has stopped asking when you’re going to get a real job?

Exactly! He has thank God, all it took was a Mercury nomination!

It must have been mental playing Bestival at 3am to such a huge crowd?

That was amazing, but I’ll be honest we were all a little pissed, it was 3 in the morning, we were awestruck

People were pulling up the sides of the tent to see you!

…or were they just hiding from the rain!? Haha!

I love the English Riviera, I’ve shipped it out to my brother who lives in Australia. Is it just a danceable version of British colonial imperialism?

Yeah, exactly. Ha! No one believes the England has a Riviera, we had to really try and convince them about the palm trees!

You’re playing a few European Festivals this summer too, I’m headed to Optimus Alive in Lisbon. You’ve said elsewhere you’re a big fan of Caribou, he is playing after you I think.

Oh, really!? I bloody love Swim. That is exciting.

A couple of drum related questions coming up…

Fire Away!

Who is the greatest ever female drummer?

Actually I have three favourites, for different reasons…

…probably Karen Carpenter, because she has the amazing singing voice, and can be flamboyant when she wants to be or drum in a more traditional way. She is good enough to play however she wants.

Second, Sheila E for being amazing and specifically her drum solo on David Letterman, with a double kick pedal in a gold sequined dress [at this point Anna made a double kick pedal sound, awesome]. She. is. incredible.

And lastly, [ex-Sleater Kinney, current Wild Flag drummer] Janet Weiss because she is awesome.

Lastly, on the topic of drummers will you be going to see the new Muppet film? Animal is perhaps the greatest, most rock and roll drummer ever.

Haha, definitely! I’d say he has a touch of the Keith Moon, he does have a bit of John Bonham too him. Flamboyant but classy at the same time.

They are only bloody well playing tonight and all! 

This post originally appeared on The Fugitive Motel on the 09 of February 2012


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