Can’t Stop Thinkin’ (that this tune is Awesome!)

Sixth Avenue ExpressSixth Avenue Express is the name by which David Frederick Lee plies his trade as a 70s and 80s Disco fetishist, dragging its sequin draped corpse kicking and screaming in to the 21st Century.

I chatted to him about hating your own voice, and Israel’s potential response to a nuclear armed Iran.

Hello, what are you up to?

Just sitting on my bed, with my laptop in Peckham, doing this interview with you and reading about Israel’s nuclear weapons.

I read that article, isn’t it basically an open letter saying ‘Dear Iran, here is how we could fuck you if you choose to throw down. Love Israel’?

Ha! Basically, yeah.

Who or what is Sixth Avenue Express?

It is me, David Frederick Lee and I do everything. Producer, Musician and ex-singer, I started to hate my own voice (I used to sing with Ricochet Toys) – maybe I’ll have ago again in the future but for now, no.

You live in Peckham, but where do you hail from?

The Staffordshire countryside, originally.

What was the inspiration behind the name Sixth Avenue Express?

There was a line in the Bob Dylan song ‘Visions of Johanna’ that goes “And the all-night girls they whisper of escapades out on the D-train”. It turns out the D-train is a line on the New York Subway which is also known as the Sixth Avenue Express.

Nice. You’ve got a 2 minute [or in this case 15 word] ‘Elevator Pitch’ to sell Sixth Avenue Express to some cigar smokin’ chompin’ venture capitalist. Go!

[Deep Breath] Smooth. Soulful. Nu Disco. Catchy. Tight. Playful. Analogue Synths. Mashup. Thumping. Driving. Sticky. Deep. Cowbells.

Sold! What if you had to pick only one track to listen to ever again what would it be?

Train in Vain by the The Clash or maybe Rock n’ Roll by The Velvet Underground… It’d be a tough one!

Sixth Avenue Express has a definite soulfulness to it, a Parisian House vibe, am I way off the mark?

Not totally… I do like a lot of the dance music that’s come from Paris in the last few years, but I’d say I was more into the disco sounds of the late 70s and early 80s.

I especially love the America or Italy in that era.

Where next for Sixth Avenue Express? Musically, and… Geographically?

I’m working on a ‘slo mo’ disco track that uses a string sample from Brain Wilson’s Smile album. It’s sounding pretty cool at the moment – hope to have it finished by next week.

I think I’m going to stick around in London for a while now, perhaps try and start playing out my tracks at some venue – DJing’s something I’ve always wanted to get into….

Awesome! Thanks for your time!

Listen to more from Sixth Avenue Express here.

This post is a St. Uffido Original!


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